Protection at its Best: Flood Insurance

If you live in an area of Orlando considered by the federal government as high-risk for flooding, you are required by law to carry flood insurance. However, don’t assume that you’re out of the line of danger for flooding if your home isn’t located within such an area and coverage isn’t required. Approximately 20% of all flood insurance claims come from people who live in low-risk flood areas, according to the National Flood Insurance Program. If you live in Orlando, flood insurance orlando fl is protection that you cannot be without.

Many homeowners make the mistake of buying homeowners insurance alone, assuming that it covers flooding. The fact remains that flood damage protection isn’t included in that policy.  Protecting your home against flooding requires that a separate policy be purchased.   Even a few inches of water left behind on your property is enough to cause thousands of dollars in damages to the home’s foundation, flooring, walls, or structural components.  It takes only two-foot of water to sweep your vehicle away! Floods are very dangerous and considering that it takes such a little amount of water to cause tremendous damage, you owe yourself the protection flood insurance offers.

Flood insurance costs are never the same for any two homeowners who seek the protection that the coverage offers.  The reason is due to the many factors that affect the cost of insurance. This includes the amount of coverage that you want, the Orlando neighborhood where you live, the company chosen for the job, your neighborhood’s flood risk, and more. Free estimate are available to help you narrow down the selection and find a company that will not disappoint. On average, homeowners spend about $700/annually for flood insurance protection, but again, rates significantly vary.